The Auction Method

Getting the Most Money Possible on Any Given Day

Only at an Auction is a selling price negotiated HIGHER rather than being reduced.

SOLD! Looking for a great buy? Wanting to receive an optimum price? Searching for excitement and adventure? Then GO AUCTION.

Why Auction?

Nothing is more entertaining than attending a well run auction and listening to the rhythmic chant of a good auctioneer. However, an auction is much more than just an exciting event. The auction method of marketing is by far the most profitable way of converting goods, property and real estate into cash.

Only at an Auction can you:

  • Set a definite Date and Time of Sale
  • Market and Advertise toward a specific event in time
  • Expose your Property to the greatest number of Buyers
  • Quickly turn Property into Cash and cut holding costs
  • Set your Own Terms and Conditions of Sale
  • Guarantee the Sale is at True Market Value, not a price that has been negotiated down
  • Create an exciting, competitive atmosphere among highly interested Buyers
  • Keep closing time at a Minimum, giving you a Quick, Cash Return on your assets