New York Auction School & Auctioneer License Requirements

New York Auction School & Auctioneer License Requirements

The Empire State

Reppert’s Approved: Yes!
Auction License Required: Contact municipality or county, Certain types of auctions may require licenses (i.e. motor vehicles, livestock, wine, etc.)
Minimum Age: Not Applicable
Auction School/Apprenticeship Required: Not Applicable
Bonding/Insurance Requirement: Not Applicable
Licensure Period: Not Applicable
Continuing Education Required: Not Applicable
Hours Required: Not Applicable
Real Estate License Required to Sell RE: Contact municipality or county
Examination Fee: Not Applicable
Application Fee: Not Applicable
Reciprocal License: Not Applicable

Reciprocity: No

Note: The state of New York required different licenses for
items that could be sold at auction. Motor Vehicles –
Contact NY Dept. of Motor Vehicles; Livestock – NY Dept.
of Agriculture and Markets;Wine – NY Liquor Authority;
Real Estate – NY Dept. of State

New York Department of State

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