History of Reppert Auction School

Continuously Training Auctioneers for Almost a Century

A Vintage Graduating Class Of Reppert Auction School (August 1958, Reppert Farm)

The Reppert’s School of Auctioneering was founded in 1921 by Col. Fred Reppert of Decatur, Indiana.

Fred Reppert started in the auction business as a young boy and quickly rose to the top of his profession, selling auctions in every state of America, every province of Canada and Mexico.  He was widely recognized as the greatest auctioneer in the world, setting several world records in the sale of livestock, real estate and personal property.

The auction school’s tradition as the premier institution for auction education was carried on by Fred Reppert’s daughter Eleanor and later by his son Rolland Reppert, M.D., who both owned and operated the school.  Phil Neuenschwander then operated the school before it was purchased by Dennis Kruse of Auburn, Indiana.  Dennis Kruse is a 1964 graduate of Reppert’s, and former National Auctioneers Association president.

In 2011, Repperts was relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana.  It was owned and operated by Melissa Davis and her father, Jack Christy of Christy’s of Indiana, Inc., and was located at Christy’s auction gallery, one of the largest and most successful auction galleries in the nation.

Current Ownership

In 2017, the school was purchased by John Kruse, who along with his father Dennis Kruse, and brother’s Matthew and Tim Kruse, moved the school back to Auburn, Indiana, where the auction business school currently operates.